You've got a story to tell!

We'll help you tell it!

Your organization, whether it's a church, a parachurch or nonprofit organization, or a business, has a story to tell.  The Internet in general, and your website in particular, are likely to be the first places people go to find out about you.  They'll probably find your website by doing a search using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.,  and along with your website they are likely to find those of your competitors as well.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  If that impression isn't good, they're very likely to go elsewhere.

Troutreach Technologies LLC exists to help small organizations build and maintain attractive, easy to maintain, and affordable websites, particularly for the following types of organizations.

  1. Small churches.  Serving small Christian churches and spreading the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the reason we formed Troutreach Technologies.
  2. Parachurch organizations.  Many organizations help spread the Word in a multitude of ways.  They may be evangelizing throughout the world, both near and far.  They may be involved in education or supporting educational institutions.  They may meet various needs in developing countries.
  3. Nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofit organizations meet human needs in many ways.  They need affordable websites so that they can maximize the funds available for serving their clients.
  4. Businesses and professionals.  Private enterprise is an integral part of our economy and society.  While the motivations may be a little different, small businesses also need affordable websites to reach and serve their clients.

Our Services

  1. We build websites - good, attractive, easy to maintain websites.  All of our websites are built using the Drupal Content Management System.
  2. We provide ongoing website support.  We offer our clients a prepaid Quarterly Maintenance Plan for websites that we have built.  Unlike many web development firms, who tend to consider their job completed when the website has been accepted by the client, we want long term relationships with our clients.  Under our Quarterly Maintenance Plan we will:
    • Periodically install maintenance to the base Drupal installation and installed contributed modules in a timely manner.
    • Provide incidental support providing guidance and answering "How do I...?" questions.
  3. We provide consulting services.  This isn't an area where we actively seek engagements, but many of our friends and acquaintences call upon us periodically to help them with technical issues.  We have set up office networks, helped in new computer selection and set up, assisted other data processing professionals serving their clients' website needs, and even done some mainframe programming.