Pray for Ukraine

Ukrainian banner with text: Pray for Ukraine in 2 languagesLike many of you, Sheri and I have been praying for God's intervention in Ukraine. In fact, some very specific intervention to stop Russia's indescribable and unjustifiable atrocities against the Ukrainian people.

We're supporters of a local ministry that has been working in Ukraine, Shepherd's Foundation, ministering to the Ukrainian people for about 30 years, essentially since the fall of the old Soviet Union. Their ministry was the focus of a report on KARE 11, our local NBC affiliated TV station.

I created a version of the attached image, without the text, to use as a Zoom virtual background and, maybe, as desktop wallpaper. It works as a virtual background; it's a lot of bright yellow for wallpaper. The version you see here is what I'm now using as my Zoom virtual background. Since I started "Zooming" about two years ago, I've been changing my background to suit the meeting I'm in. I'm now using this image in all Zoom meetings I attend, either as a host or participant.

I sent that original image, without the text, to a few friends. One responded quickly saying, in effect, what a wonderful prayer reminder. Thank you, Roger (aka JetLag)!

Sheri and I attended a Lake Wobegon Brass Band concert last evening. The band open with an unscheduled piece, the National Anthem of Ukraine. The audience stood in silence. I'm not ashamed to say that there were tears in my eyes before they finished.

I'm offering this image to anyone that wants to use it for wallpaper or a virtual background. No accreditation is required. Click the image above to down load the original, full-size, image with text. Please use it freely! Distribute it to your friends. Also note that the linked image is sharper than what you see on this page. The apparent loss in quality is due to your browser's down scaling to fit this web page.

Technical note: The image, without the text, of course, looks a lot like the Ukraine flag. The colors are true and the 50/50 split is accurate. However, the aspect ratio of this image is 16x9 (to make it suitable for our computer purposes); the aspect ratio of the official flag is 3x2. Most people won't see, or know, the difference. Now, you do.