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Troutreach Technologies is fortunate to have clients engaged in a wide range of endeavors. While churches and parachurch organizations were the impetus for our beginning, we've also found it mutually beneficial to offer our services to both businesses and professionals. Our experiences and the techniques we use to solve problems for one client frequently prove valuable in addressing the needs of other clients.

The images above are automatically generated truncated versions of the front page screenshots shown below. They're sorted by client category and client name. Each image is a hyperlink to the individual project description below. The client names below are hyperlinks to our clients' respective websites. If your browser supports it, and most do, client websites will open in another tab or window so you won't lose your place here.

We hope you find this information useful. We invite you to submit comments and questions through our Contact Us page.


Troutreach Technologies LLC was formed specifically to provide small Christian churches with the ability to have and maintain what we like to call a credible web presence.  Far too many church websites consist of just a few pages that were poorly constructed and are seldom maintained.

Let's be frank, constructing the infrastructure for an easy to maintain website is highly technical and beyond the capabilities of many.  No one should ever fault a small church for not having the inherent resources to produce an attractive and easy to maintain website.  That's where Troutreach Technologies can help.  We help the church purchase the required services, i.e., domain name(s) and hosting account, then we build the website infrastructure.  We make the site easy for the church staff and/or volunteers to maintain website content on a regular basis.

We understand that church budgets are tight and work hard to provide effective websites at affordable prices.

Parachurch and Nonprofit Organizations

Parachurch and nonprofit organizations share many of the attributes of churches.  Again their budgets are limited and they're much more interested in serving their clients than in creating websites.  They also need to have a credible web presence to present their story to the public and their partners.

Construction in Drupal 7 to replace their previous website, which we built using Drupal 6  

The Christian Education Network of the ELCA (nee Lutheran Association of Christian Educators) is another long term client who came to Troutreach Technologies by way of a referral from another client.

CE Network is a nationwide organization of people involved in Christian Education, especially within the ELCA.  We originally built a Drupal 6 website for the organization in 2010.  We replaced that site with a new, Drupal 7 version, in October 2014.  The new site features new content, structure, and theming.

The theme (look) of the new site was suggested in a couple of demonstration page layouts submitted by a board member.  We took those ideas and built a custom, responsive theme that works well on devices of varied screen sizes from small smart phones and tablets to large desktop monitors.

There is a lot of information on this site, most of it maintained by the group's Coordinator.  A board member regularly submits blog postings.

A significant feature of the new site is an access control system that allows the site to deliver different content for different site visitors depending upon their membership status.  E.g., anonymous site visitors (non-members) can see only one of the more recent blog postings while logged in active members have access to, and may comment upon, all blog entries.  Resources, e.g., files, images, other content, may be protected so that an unauthorized visitor cannot access the resource even if they know the URL.

As with our original site, the new site uses Ubercart, a contributed suite of Drupal modules, to collect (sell) and manage membership dues and contributions.  The website automatically keeps track of expiration dates and sends renewal notices. Payments are processed through PayPal which provides both low processing costs, especially for nonprofit organizations, and frees the organization from having to comply with PCI standards, which are met by PayPal.

We hope to see the organization utilize forums to enhance the exchange of information among members in the near future.

Businesses and Professionals

Small businesses and professionals recognize the need to have a presence on the Internet.  Again, like our other clients, they're much more interested in providing their services than handling the nitty-gritty technical requirements of establishing a website and maintaining its infrastructure.

These clients are a very important part of our society.  It is our pleasure to serve them with attractive and cost effective websites that can be maintained easily.

Burnsville, Minnesota
New site constructed in 2017 to replace their previous website, which we built using Drupal 6  

Scott Walters Construction, Inc. is a Burnsville based building contractor that specializes in custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  They've been a Troutreach client since we built their first website in 2009.  We replaced that site in 2017 with a new, freshly designed website built using Drupal 7.  This new website is fully responsive and performs well on devices ranging from small smartphone screens to large 4K and 5K monitors.

This image rich site uses a newer technology called "paragraphs" (terrible name, fantastic features) to allow flexible construction of the site's contents.  It allows easy integration of image galleries, videos, and image sliders along with the text to display Walters' work.

We designed the site using specific input from the Walters about what they wanted, and didn't want.  "Hero" images (images that extend fully across the viewport, beyond the normal page width) appear on the front page in an image carousel that displays images from selected projects.  Hero images also appear on each project page.  They've always used a custom webform to collect information from prospective clients on a Request a Consultation page.  To discourage unwanted solicitations from potential suppliers, the traditional Contact Us page has been integrated with the Request a Consultation page.

Stillwater, Minnesota
Original Website Construction in Drupal 7

Toavs & Associates LLC is a Minnesota based software consulting firm specializing in providing support to the Infor/Lawson community.

Content on this site is enhanced by a blog along with references to clients and projects.

Like all of our Drupal 7 websites, this site's responsive design works well on a wide variety of screensizes from smartphones to desktops.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Original Construction in Drupal 7

Wallen-Friedman & Floyd, P.A. is a Minneapolis law firm specializing in business issues.  We built a new website for the firm in early 2013 to replace an older site.

We like to describe this site as "a brochure website on steroids."  On the surface it looks like a typical brochure website but underlying the facade is a rich platform that displays more detailed information about the attorneys and their practice areas in dynamic overlays.  E.g., if you click on any of the Practice Areas on the home page you'll see an overlay with additional information about that area and a list of their attorneys who practice in that area.  Scan the QR code on an attorney page with your cellphone and you'll get data that you can store as a contact.  Click on the download link from your PC and you'll also get data that can be saved as a contact.

Like all of our Drupal 7 websites, this site exploits the concepts of responsive design so that it works well on a wide variety of displays from small cellphones to large computer monitors.