Mollom is both a company and a product line.  Troutreach Technologies frequently recommends their products, especially Mollom Free, to our clients.

Creating a Mollom Account

We hate spam!  And, we're sure that our clients do also.  Therefore, we routinely incorporate a couple of features in our websites that have been proven to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate completely, spam submissions through our contact pages and webforms.

We also love our legitimate site visitors and we don't want to waste their time, and possibly antagonize them, with intrusive antispam techniques like unnecessary CAPTCHAs when they want to send us a message.

Spam, Google Apps Email and Mollom

No Spam symbolAlmost everyone hates spam (the electronic type anyway); the only exceptions being the spammers themselves and maybe the companies profiting from and/or protecting against it.  Some spam fighting technologies are so effective that we may take them for granted and forget that they're actually working day in and day out protecting us from the spammers.  In particular, Google's spam fighting for Google hosted email is particularly effective and easy to overlook.